The course of my life: part one

Coming from a family of 5 children where art did not have its place in our life. I grew up in a valley called Chevreuse in France where cows were very close by. For most of my time, I was in an extraordinary garden with trees where I climbed to the highest point to isolate myself. My mom was just so scared by my intrepid performances. I especially remember the time I grew up in this garden being more at ease there than at school. My career was quite fulfilling but ultimately quite chaotic.

Inquisitive and rebellious, I often bumped against the walls of the forbidden. An American writer, Lionel Scriever, said mainly that, “only the rebels can create… the others do not have much to express… to transmit, and to remain conformist”. I recognize myself in this non-conformity.

First studies with “forceps” : Several jobs confronted me with the economic reality, for instance a child at age 23, a separation at age 25, a come back to University at age 30, a Master degree at 33, starting a new career at 34, and at age 40, I finally found my career path, and I lead my boat as a Leader of transition while creating my “ professional tribe” in 2002.

The difference has its price with a marriage with an artist coming himself from a family of artists, a divorce which took me down into the abyss but the years pass and distilled in me a hint of wisdom. I am a passionate woman. I like horses, the saxophone, motorcycles, and at age 52 I have discovered the art of sculpture. I was living back then in a beautiful house with a huge façade made of glass facing giant trees and a pond. At the end of the property, right at the river, a neglected workshop was there just waiting for me.

I had to cut 3 trees down, old as a half century. I kept 5 big logs each a meter high, and I bought a chainsaw. That is the way the sculpture totally randomly appeared to me. After a few attempts that challenged my beliefs, and put them back into place, I searched on the internet where I selected a couple of Parisian workshops. I have a couple of pieces of wood, a chainsaw, and now I just need a “mentor”. Only one answered my call, and for a year, I worked with Paul Flury living in Montreuil in France. The wood doesn’t bend to my will, to the form I want it to be. I have to follow “a line” which is really difficult for a free spirit like me. I went in circles, and finally an internship at Yann Guillon brought me the revelation: the stone was made for me!